Enclosure ventilation


Switch gear enclosures and boxes containing electrical control mechanisms are often required to operate in hazardous areas. In these circumstances, the construction of the enclosure has to conform to very strict and rigid design criteria.

Among others,it requires special sealings and the housing of the enclosure need to be massive to contain any explosion which might occur inside. Recemat’s metalfoam is an excellent vent and flame arrester for these applications.

If large vents are covered by Recemat’s metalfoam type NC-2733.l3, explosions can occur within the box with no transmission of flame to the external atmosphere.

Furthermore, the internal pressure can be kept as low as 0.07-0.14 bar-g, thus no need for heavy, cumbersome box-constructions.   Recemat metalfoam can also be applied in machine and/or transformer compartments, equipped with special doors with flame arresting vents.